Our Experience is the Key to Your Success

Strategic Innovation


We recognize the complexity of the market forces and the intensity of competition faced by our clients – Reconfiguring project portfolios, tactical acquisitions, timely divestiture, market exit and market entry are all critical components of success and Axivest has the expertise and the experience that it takes to help compete effectively and efficiently:

We help our clients set and accomplish their strategic goals quickly and with improved net value creation.

Competitive Strategy: Innovation

One of the most critical dimensions of success in today’s highly competitive global business environment is: “Innovation”. Successful businesses innovate and Axivest recognizes this. Axivest has the expertise to successfully innovate through it’s expert resources – both professionals and academics, who specialize in introducing and catalyzing innovation strategies in corporations. Axivest analyzes business models and enables the creation of “Innovation hot-houses” within business units responsible for critical value creation. Our strategies aim to provide the highest possible returns for our clients investing into innovation.
Axivest facilitates cutting edge creativity and thought leadership:

i) Comprehensive competitive analysis
a. External forces
b. Internal forces

ii) Identification and quantifying of key value drivers
iii) Optimization of key factors to achieve risk-return goals
iv) Optimization of key variables to maximize profits and minimize liabilities
v) Creation of innovative products and services with unique propositions
vi) Integration of technological advances and media into business strategy
vii) Long term market dominance models and strategies