Our Experience is the Key to Your Success


Axivest can meet the critical needs of private, corporate and institutional entities across a broad spectrum of business domains and financial structures. We leverage our experience as corporate leaders, investors and advisors to provide high quality consulting services including research, market analysis, identifying optimal investments, deal structure, pro forma and financial analysis. We can engage our network of specialists to assess your specific needs and connect you with the resources to accomplish your objectives. We have been structuring and facilitating the funding of finance transactions since the company’s inception in 1985. Axivest also offers turn-key development consulting services which include due diligence, feasibility or impairment analysis, design management, financial analysis, project management, marketing, leasing and sales, and global solutions.


Our advisory focus is on Financial Institutions, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Funds, Developers, and other real estate investors and market participants in real property and mortgages. Our practice also includes assisting attorneys and accountants with our mortgage and real property expertise.


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The Univest approach to optimizing corporate results: Univest believes that optimal corporate results can only be achieved when the following are developed and aligned: 1. A long term strategic business plan with a clear and appropriate vision, mission, clear statement of values


Univest facilitates global projects and cross-continent initiatives.Using our global reach and relationships, we create value for our clients by providing advisory and match making services which help in the speedy identification of high potential opportunities, due diligence, advisory services on financial risk management, deal making and entry and exit strategies. We also help facilitate client’s investments into US markets and assist companies seeking to position themselves in the US markets.


We recognize the complexity of the market forces and the intensity of competition faced by our clients – Reconfiguring project portfolios, tactical acquisitions, timely divestiture, market exit and market entry are all critical components of success and Univest has the expertise and the experience that it takes to help compete effectively and efficiently: We help our clients set and accomplish their strategic goals quickly and with improved net value creation.